Pangolin offers two laser controller hardware solutions (USB: FB3 or network: FB4) as well as two laser control software QuickShow and BEYOND
Pangolin FB3 QUICKSHOW Set
Pangolin FB3 QUICKSHOW Set
Laserworld FB4 MAX²
Laserworld FB4 MAX²
Pangolin QUICKSHOW to Pangolin BEYOND Essentials
Pangolin QUICKSHOW to Pangolin BEYOND Essentials
Pangolin QUICKSHOW to Pangolin BEYOND Advanced
Pangolin QUICKSHOW to Pangolin BEYOND Advanced
Pangolin QUICKSHOW to Pangolin BEYOND Ultimate
Pangolin QUICKSHOW to Pangolin BEYOND Ultimate

Pangolin Software Vergleichstabelle der Funktionen

EditorsQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
Frame editoryesyesyesyes
Advanced frame editornonoyesyes
Synth editornoyesyesyes
Shape editoryes simplifiedyesyesyes
Text editoryesyesyesyes
LD2000 abstract editornonoyesyes
Abstraction editornoyesyesyes
Parametric image editoryesyesyesyes
Write out editornoyesyesyes
Clock editoryesyesyesyes
Picture tracernoyesyesyes
Realtime video tracernononoyes
DMX imagenonoyesyes
Adv Timeline editornoyesyesyes
Play Listnoyesyesyes
Multi Effectnoyesyesyes
Destination Cuenoyesyesyes
Object Animatornononoyes
LC Flashnonoyesyes
LC ADATnononoyes
Advanced EditorsQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
BEYOND 3Dnononoyes
LC MAX Pluginnononoyes
LC4D Pluginnonoyesyes
ToolsQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
Scanner simulationnonoyesyes
FB4 Exportyesyesyesyes
FB4 Browseryesyesyesyes
FB4 Settingsyesyesyesyes
FB4 File vieweryesyesyesyes
Loop finderyesyesyesyes
Update over internetyesyesyesyes
Test patternsyesyesyesyes
Video/Audio mixdownnonoyesyes
Performance Tuningnoyesyesyes
Resource monitornoyesyesyes
WorkspaceQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
Max number of pages80128256256
Page Load/Savenoyesyesyes
Grid size10x6 & 8x8Variable, up to 255 cues per pageVariable, up to 255 cues per pageVariable, up to 255 cues per page
Secondary gridnoyesyesyes
FX grid12 effects, 4 rowsUp to 100 effects, up to 8 rowsUp to 100 effects, up to 8 rowsUp to 100 effects, up to 8 rows
TimelineQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
Number of tracks-40200200
Number of media tracks12UnlimitedUnlimited
BUS Tracksnoyesyesyes
Video playbacknoyesyesyes
Laser/Video maskingnonoyesyes
Cue List, Effect listnoyesyesyes
ST2000 shows importnoyesyesyes
OutputQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
FB3 SE/QSyesyesyesyes
Maximum number of projectors9102540
Maximum number of zones3060200200
Distributed scanning-1 of 22 of 44 of 8
Projection zones - “Also to”nonoyesyes
Projection zones - Static effects (filters)nonoyesyes
CommunicationQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
UDP Command broadcastnonoyesyes
PangoScript TCP servernonoyesyes
Live RealtimeQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
Groups grid modeyesyesyesyes
Multi zone effectsnoyesyesyes
Destination cuenoyesyesyes
DMX Servernonoyesyes
4 effects in linenoyesyesyes
“Drop” effectsnoyesyesyes
Effect action slidersnoyesyesyes
Time control tabnononoyes
Channels tabnoyesyesyes
Zone level Live Control and FXnoyesyesyes
Kinect 1.0nononoyes
ScriptingQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
PangoScript Editornonoyesyes
PangoScript tabnonoyesyes
MIDI to Codenonoyesyes
DMX to Codenonoyesyes
Keyboard to Codenonoyesyes
OSC to Codenonoyesyes
Object tree viewnonoyesyes
VisualizationQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
External visualizer supportnoyesyesyes
ERP (OpenGL preview)noyesyesyes
UniverseQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
Universe editingnonoyesyes
Spatial effectsnonoyesyes
MIDI MappingQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
APC Miniyesyesyesyes
APC40 (MKII)noyesyesyes
Map Creation / Editingnoyesyesyes
TimecodeQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
Art-net tc innoyesyesyes
MTC/MMC innoyesyesyes
TC2000 innoyesyesyes
Synchronorm TC innoyesyesyes
MTC outnoyesyesyes
Art-net tc outnoyesyesyes
MiscQuickShowBEYOND EssentialsBEYOND AdvanceBEYOND Ultimate
Fixture, DMX groups, Multigroupsnononoyes
Visual Clipboardnonoyesyes


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