In Action: Multimedia Installations and Projects

Multimedia show in Tenglong Cave, China 2006 (3)

2006 03 Tenglong Cave
The Tenglong Cave in China was said to be the biggest tourist attraction in China. HB-Laser installed a massive setup of multi media show and laser show in the 52km long Tenglong Cave. The multi media aser show is split to several areas of the cave. Several major challenges made this project very difficult: Not only was the electrical infrastructure insufficient first, there was also a rather...Multimedia show in Tenglong Cave, China 2006 (3)

Multimedia Installation for Flowstone Cave in Ledenika, Bulgaria (3)

HB Laser   Flowstone Cave In Ledenika 0002 Thumb
This year HB-Laser did a great installation in a flowstone cave in Ledenika, Bulgaria. With advanced multimedia technology like Video, Laser, Sound, LED lighting, fog and as well water screens, HB-Laser implemented a huge set up to add an additional attraction and explanatory media to the cave. The European Union supported this project with subsidies, and HB-Laser was chosen as project partner...Multimedia Installation for Flowstone Cave in...

Arcadia @ Glastonbury & BoomTown, UK 2013 (3)

10 Arcadia Glastonbury Festival 2013
Arcadia in the UK stands for breathtaking show experiences, huge stages and amphibious sculptures. Their shows combine laser and lighting effects, pyrotechnics and sound with audacious artistic performances. Arcadia’s most famous stage is the Spider, weighing over 40 tons. Besides flame cannons and other pyrotechnical and lighting effects, the Spider is equipped with three laser systems of...Arcadia @ Glastonbury & BoomTown, UK 2013 (3)

Multimedia installation @ Salt Mine Heilbronn, Germany 2012 (3)

2012 04 Salt Mine Heilbronn
The operators of the salt mine Heilbronn charged HB-Laser with an entire multi media show installation in the mine including the special IT power installation and the power-transformers. Approximately 50 km of cable were installed on the subsurface round tour (2 km) with custom-made video, laser, light and multi media technology and content. Alongside the round tour there are several spots...Multimedia installation @ Salt Mine Heilbronn,...

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