Laserworld at BPM / PRO 2015 in Birmingham (3)

From 12/09 till 14/09/2015 Laserworld presented itself and the whole Laserworld Group inclouding RTI, SwissLas and HB-Laser at the BPM and PRO Show in Birmingham, UK.

As the PRO mainly targets professional entertainment technology customers the BPM show is a special exhibition for DJ’s and entertainers.
With its large product portfolio Laserworld fits the both audiences perfectly.

The smaller show for BPM visitors focused on showing the newly launched products of the Laserworld Club Series, the CS-1000RG MKII and the CS-2000RGB MKII, as well as some products of the Diode and the Proline Series. The PRO show mainly used RTI projectors, like ATTO and FEMTO units as well as two HB-Laser LightCube projectors, and some BeamNET-10 PROs.

Both shows and an extra introduction sequence were designed and programmed with BEYOND which ran the whole 3 days flawless

Laser setup BPM Show:

2x Laserworld CS-2000RGB MKII
2x Laserworld CS-1000RGB MKII
1x Laserworld DS-900RGB
2x Laserworld PRO-1600RGB

Laser - setup PRO Show:

2x HB-Laser LC-860 RGB 5.5
3x BeamNet 10 PRO
1x SwissLas PM-4000RGB
1x RTI FEMTO RGB 3.5  

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